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About us:
AmcBlast Solutions Limited is a private limited company {Rc: 943327 }offering clients and business partners mobile solutions for corporate use, and commercial solutions to attract mobile consumers.

Our services include consulting, content and technology for SMS as well as mobile entertainment and marketing solutions.
We are continually adding to our knowledge of emerging technologies and are ideally placed to offer new Mobile Data Services as they mature.

Our Clients
We have deployed our services for a variety of firms in different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Flash SMS can assist your company in designing a dynamic software where people can send sms for there Computer system or mobile phone logging into our website for almost the price of nothing flat rate to all mobile network in Nigeria…

Our platform www.flashsmsng.com is developed so as to offer you opportunity to send SMS to multiple contacts . Below are the benefits you enjoy from FLASH SMS

Send messages to multiple contacts/group
Fast delivery of messages within seconds
Sender ID branding
Uploading / downloading contacts easily through CSV and txt
Relaibility and cost effectivent
Manage contacts using contact lists of number groups
Dynamic/customised sender name of up to 11 characters or numbers Long/multi-page SMS with up to eight (8) pages in one message


Message delivery to friends, customers, staffs and members
Vital in the delivery of goodwill messages
Vital in the follow up of new comers and converts(church)
Provide periodical information to parents about their children in school
Invitation to special programs/product launch.
Political Campaign and lot more
We look forward to your patronage.

What makes us Unique:

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